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Our mission continues to be to provide safe drinking water for all residential, industrial and governmental agencies, meeting and exceeding all federal and state standards at the lowest possible cost with high quality, efficiency and integrity.


Flooding a top matter of concern with heavy rainfall

Flooding is a serious matter in relation to natural disasters. Second behind tornadoes as one of the leading causes of property damage and death, the country is devoting much attention to the current flooding situation in Texas and Oklahoma. With that in mind, there is the common question of how do floods occur? While the…

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The great debate: bottled water versus tap water

The debate of normal tap water versus bottled water has been a topic of conversation for years now. In a recent article from Upworthy, researchers examined a few different criteria when com-paring a bottle of Fiji Water to tap water. In one of its first talking points, the article refers to the fact that bottled…

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