General Usage Rates Effective October 1, 2012

Water Usage per thousand gallons for residential meters up to 1 Inch:

Minimum Bill (0 – 500 gals.) $12.78
500 – 5,000 $  6.29 (per thousand gallons)
5,000 – 10,000 $  6.79 (per thousand gallons)
10,000 – 20,000 $  7.29 (per thousand gallons)
20,000+ $  7.79 (per thousand gallons)

Minimum Bill Charge for Larger Meters*:

Size Gallons Minimum Bill
1 1/2 Inch 0-1,000 $25.56
2 Inch 0-1,000 $25.56
3 Inch 0-1,500 $38.34
4 Inch 0-2,000 $51.12
6 Inch 0-3,000 $76.68
8 Inch 0-4,000 $102.24

*Contact CUD for additional information on rate structure for larger meters.

Sewer rates:

CUD STEP System:  Flat rate: $28.00 per month plus $2.00 per thousand gallons of all consumption

Note:  Murfreesboro Water & Sewer and Smyrna Utility rates are set by those entities.

Fire Hydrants

Line Size

6 Inch $ 4,000.00 each
8 Inch $ 4,200.00 each
10 & 12 Inch $ 5,000.00 each
16 Inch $ 8,000.00 each
20 Inch $ 9,000.00 each
24 Inch $10,500.00 each
30 Inch $19,500.00 each
36 Inch $25,500.00 each


The Applicant is responsible for all costs and work associated with installing a hydrant on the opposite side of the road from the District's main line which includes obtaining a licensed contractor to install per the District's specifications.

Fire lines will be metered. Tap fee is based on the required meter size.

Click here for a Fire Hydrant Application Form

System Development Charges - Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-Family Residential

All commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential properties are required to fill out the Meter Application and Fixture Count Submittal Form below. Please fill out the form (digital entry preferred) in its entirety and submit to the engineering department for system development charge calculation, proper meter sizing, and approval. You can submit digitally directly from the form or email to subdivisions@cudrc.com along with a PDF of your mechanical drawings/plumbing schedule. CUD Planning Review meets every Tuesday—your application and submitted plans will be reviewed during this time. Submit before Tuesday to ensure review, otherwise, all forms/plans submitted will be reviewed the next week. Once approved, this form and the calculated system development charge will be sent back to the contact email address provided. Please bring the approved form and payment for the system development charge and present to customer service department to sign up for service.

Click here for a Meter Application Form

System Development Charges by Meter Size - Residential/Irrigation

5/8 Inch $ 2,800.00
3/4 Inch $ 2,800.00
1 Inch (Fire Sprinkler System) $ 2,800.00
1 Inch $ 7,000.00
1 1/2 Inch (Irrigation Only) $14,000.00
2 Inch $22,400.00

Taps larger than 2” will require the developer to furnish and install the meter pit with an approved entrance. The developer will also be required to construct all piping to fit the required meter and bypass line complete with isolation valves.

Provided the developer installs tapping tee and valve and performs a hydrostatic test prior to tap being made; main line taps will be made by CUD at a charge of: 2” - $250.00; 4” – 12” - $750.00 (Smith); 16” – 24” - $2,000.00 (Mueller)

CUD will move services at a minimum charge of $250.00. Some service relocations will be billed on a “cost of materials plus labor”.

General Requirements

  • Developer shall construct all off-site and all on-site facilities including, but not limited to, pipeline system, valves, fittings, fire hydrants, pressure regulator devices, and backflow prevention system.
  • Developer shall bear the cost of all materials; labor, equipment, supplies and any other incidentals relative to the construction of theretofore mentioned facilities including conduits and blow-offs. Developer shall furnish and install all service lines including curb stop in all developments. All such shall meet the District's standards and specifications.
  • Developer shall identify location of all service lines.
  • Developer shall reimburse the District for all legal, engineering, inspection, administrative or other costs related to said development.
  • Developer shall strictly adhere to the current rules, regulations and policies of the District.

Engineering Fee

Non-Profit Organizations $45.00 per lot
Residential $45.00 per lot
Governmental (Public Service) $45.00 per lot
Commercial/Apartment $20.00 per unit

Inspection Fees

Upon acceptance for maintenance by the District:

Residential Water Line $25.00 per lot
Residential STEP Sewer $100.00 per lot
Commercial Water Line 40% of Engineering Fees
Commercial STEP Sewer 40% of Engineering Fees