Wally Water

Every decision…every consideration…is made with our customer in mind. Consolidated Utility District plays a tremendous role in the lives of our customers and the future of Rutherford County; this is not a responsibility we take lightly. Perhaps nothing else is more important to the way we live than a safe, reliable water supply.

We support area teachers in educating the next generation about their water supply right here in Rutherford County. We offer complete educational programs with speaker appearances and literature developed for the age level they need. “Wally Water”, the CUD mascot, can be seen in schools, parades, and shopping centers to promote water awareness. It is important to see that future generations enjoy a safe and reliable supply of drinking water.

Rutherford County School Systems interested in a waterworks guest speaker and/or a visit from CUD’s Wally Water should contact Cindy Judkins. Due to limited availability, please schedule early.


Cindy Judkins
Telephone: (615) 225-3309
E-mail: cjudkins@cudrc.com