CUD is currently experiencing a taste issue caused by algae bloom in the source water.  The severity of the issue can vary greatly based on a host of factors, including individual sensitivity.

CUD has significantly increased the amount of activated carbon used in the water treatment process to mitigate this taste issue as much as possible.  This is the same activated carbon used in residential and commercial water filtration systems.  Although the taste is unpleasant, rest assured that the water is safe and know that the taste issue will pass within a few days.  Your patience is appreciated.

Extension Agreement

Please read the policy on Payment Extensions and Agree to continue


The Commissioners of CONSOLIDATED UTILITY DISTRICT (CUD) delegate to the General Manager, or his designated representatives, the authority to extend water service beyond the disconnect date up to seven (7) days. Such extensions shall be granted only at the customer’s request and should be supported by reasons deemed appropriate for delayed payment, such as paying on a leak, illnesses or child(ren) at the residence alone.

CUD does not allow extensions for returned checks. CUD does not allow an extension on extensions. No extensions will be allowed for accounts that are locked or have their meter pulled for non-payment. Extensions will not be granted on a regular of frequent basis for any customer.

Any extension granted should be supported by a Payment Commitment Form completed by the customer by the close of business on the business day preceding the scheduled disconnect day. This form can be completed at CUD’s office or completed on CUD’s website at CUD will not accept requests for extensions via phone or facsimile.

Failure to honor the extension will result in disconnect of water service for non-payment for the said extension plus the disconnect fee, and payment will be due in full for water service to be reconnected. Failure to honor two (2) consecutive requests will result in a no extension agreement allowed for one year.

I agree and wish to continue                              I do not wish to proceed