Contractor Information


  • Based on the information submitted on the Water Service Availability Request Form, CUDRC will study the existing infrastructure and determine its ability to serve the proposed development. CUDRC will endeavor to respond to the request for service in a timely manner. If you are notified that adequate facilities exist, move to the “Plan Submittal and Review Process.” A “will serve” letter is available upon request.
  • Should adequate facilities not exist, you may additionally request a “Facilities Improvement Determination Study” be conducted by our District Engineer. The study will determine the required upgrades you would be responsible for installing in order to serve your development. If you wish to have this study conducted, you may submit a request in writing along with a $1000.00 check made payable to Consolidated Utility District. Please allow an estimated 4-6 weeks for this study to be completed.


Attention effective October 1st: The submittal process has changed. The forms have been revised and there is a new email address to send them to.

  • CUDRC will review the submitted plans at CUDRC’s Plan Review Meeting which meets every Thursday morning. Items must be submitted by 10:00am on Monday to qualify for review or submitted items will generally be reviewed the following Thursday. CUDRC will endeavor to provide a timely response which ordinally occurs within 14 business days following review.
  • If it is determined that public main line extensions or upgrading the existing main line is required, a digital CAD file of your plans must be submitted to for the engineering design to be completed once preliminary plans have been approved by local planning commissions. The applicant must submit the “Developer Agreement for Extension of Water Service” form. Engineering fees and inspection fees will need to be paid to CUDRC at this time.
  • The applicant must submit a completed “Meter Application and Fixture Count” form (digital entry preferred) to CUDRC’s Engineering Department for tap fee calculation, proper meter sizing, and approval. The completed “Meter Application and Fixture Count” form and a PDF copy of the mechanical/plumbing plans and plumbing schedule may be submitted to or in person at CUDRC’s Engineering Building. CUDRC will review the submitted “Meter Application and Fixture Count” form and the PDF copy of the plumbing plans for calculation of the tap fee. Please allow a minimun of 14 business days for review and calculation. Once completed, the approved Meter Application will be sent back to the contact email address provided. Please bring the approved Meter Application and payment for the tap fee to the Customer Service Department to sign up for service.


  • Once engineering design has been completed and reviewed by CUDRC, plans will be stamped for construction and submitted to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) for approval.
  • After state approval, a Notice to Proceed will be issued to the contractor by CUDRC prior to the start of the water line construction. Public sewer lines must be installed prior to the construction of water lines.
  • All new water lines must be inspected by authorized CUDRC personnel and installed in accordance with current CUDRC Technical Specifications prior to acceptance.
  • Upon completion of the construction work all water lines must be disinfected and subjected to the necessary pressure tests. CUDRC will take the bacteriological samples for testing.
  • Once bacteriological testing and pressure testing have been completed and approved, a “Cost of Construction” must be submitted by the developer/contractor to CUDRC.
  • Once all of the steps listed above have been completed, the new water line is eligible for acceptance by CUDRC upon the signing of a letter of acceptance by the inspector and the developer/contractor. The contractor must enter into a one (1) year warranty period agreement from the date of formal acceptance for repairing any leaks or maintenance issues.

Engineering Fees

Non-Profit Organizations $45.00 per lot
Residential $45.00 per lot
Governmental (Public Service) $45.00 per lot
Commercial / Apartment Varies

Inspection Fees

Upon acceptance for maintenance by the District:

Residential Water Line $25.00 per lot
Residential STEP Sewer $100.00 per lot
Commercial Water Line 40% of Engineering Fees
Commercial STEP Sewer 40% of Engineering Fees