Water Quality

The Water Quality Department conducts various programs to ensure the integrity and protection of the water distribution system. These programs include coordination of engineering services during construction of new facilities to ensure that the facilities are adequately inspected and meet all regulations required by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC).

TDEC requires that the engineering department conduct a cross-connection control program, backflow prevention device testing program and flushing program to ensure that water quality standards are met.

  • The cross-connection program ensures that inappropriate connections that could contaminate the water system are not made.
  • The backflow prevention device testing program ensures that required backflow prevention devices are functioning properly and not allowing backflows from commercial or institutional sites into the water system.
  • The flushing program maintains a routine program of flushing from strategically located hydrants throughout the system to maintain a fresh supply of water containing minimum residual levels of chlorine disinfectant.

Customer water quality complaints or issues are promptly investigated and resolved.