Leak Detection

There are estimates that nationwide only 30% of all underground leaks ever come to the surface. By finding and repairing Leaks , our department and CUD as a whole can effectively reduce the level of unaccounted for water throughout the distribution system.  Large leaks tend to be quickly isolated and repaired especially in cases where the water reaches the surface. Undetected leaks can lead to large quantities of lost water. These are the leaks that are rarely seen at the surface and can exist for long periods of time.

Our Leak Detection staff are well trained in the principles and procedures of leak detection. We train our staff on a systematic approach to water leak detection. That approach allows us to perform an aggressive and ongoing leak detection survey on our distribution system. This helps us to reduce water loss due to increasing costs of production and prevents a reduction in the water supply.

CUD only performs leak detection services on distribution mains and services that belong to CUD