Meter Reading

CUD uses an automated meter reading (AMR) system. AMR’s reduce the need for meter readers to manually gather readings each month. This has improved our customer service, billing accuracy, and the ability to identify and notify customers concerning leaks.

The system uses wireless radio transmitters that send a signal to a laptop located in our vehicle. Our employees drive systematically through each neighborhood allowing the laptop to communicate with each of the transmitters. After the readings have been gathered, the data is uploaded to our billing system for processing.

The AMR system minimizes the need to access customer property. This has reduced customer complaints and the need for customers to read their own meters due to access issues. Employee safety has drastically and increased as well as a large reduction in fuel consumption. AMR’s also provide alerts that notify us if your meter has:

  • Been running for 24 hours continuously
  • Been tampered with
  • Reverse Flow
  • No Usage
  • Cut or damaged wires