CUD celebrates its 50th anniversary!

Consolidated Utility District (CUD) of Rutherford County celebrated its 50th anniversary of service by holding a luncheon on October 9 that attracted state legislators and dignitaries. Author and educator Dr. Dale Henry delivered the keynote presentation that touched on the utility’s history and its vision for the future.

Attendees included members of the Tennessee state legislature, the Rutherford County Commission, officials from the cities of Murfreesboro, Eagleville, LaVergne, and Smyrna. The Rutherford County Mayor and members of his staff were on hand, as well as members of the Rutherford County Planning Commission, the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, and the CUD Board of Commissioners.

“The story behind our utility comes down to two words: service and growth,” said CUD General Manager William Dunnill. “Our daily mission is to provide Rutherford County with high-quality water that exceeds federal standards for homes, businesses, schools, and government. By doing that, we help to lay the foundation for continued residential and commercial growth.”

Consolidated Utility District (CUD) was founded in 1968 when the districts of Florence, Double Springs, Rockvale, and Stones River merged to provide a high-quality water supply to rural areas of Rutherford County.

The rapid and sustained growth of Rutherford County has produced a long-term boom in CUD’s customer base. The utility now serves more than 56,000 customers at a rate of more than 3,000 new customers each year.

That growth is reflected in the more-than 1,400 miles of water line that crisscross the county. The sum of those miles is even longer than the distance from Murfreesboro to Albuquerque, New Mexico.