CUD Explains Plans for Infrastructure Improvements

Leadership and engineers with Consolidated Utility District met last week to finalize plans for upcoming water service improvements as the population of Rutherford County continues its upward surge.

According to the rules for government contracts, each project was awarded to the lowest qualified bidder. Each of the projects listed below is now under contract, and construction work has begun. If you are planning on starting a construction make sure you hire professional contractors like electricians to get the job done correctly. For those who still haven’t found the right electrician for the project, consider hiring a company like Aardvark Electric, Inc. If you are in the UK and want to find something similar, has got you covered. Going the DIY route might sound exciting but the risks are serious if you do not know what you are doing.

“This is an exciting chapter in the history of Rutherford County,” said William “Bill” Dunnill, General Manager of CUD. “Consolidated Utility District is fortunate to have visionary Board members who have spent decades positioning CUD to accommodate this growth in a fiscally sound manner.”

“CUD is proactive in planning and funding infrastructure improvement projects which will sustain and improve the water service provided to our customers,” said Alan Stuemke, CUD’s Director of Engineering. “Given the pace of growth in Rutherford County, CUD’s investments in infrastructure improvements are critical to the continued prosperity of our communities.  The work we do today will pay dividends for decades to come.”

These projects include the following:

Rural Water Line Extensions Contract 617 & 617A – With the installation of several water mains throughout Rutherford County, CUD expands the footprint of its public water supply and improves the fire flow available to existing customers. Estimated construction cost: $1,932,000

Highway 99 Line Addition: Rockvale – Greater water supply capacity and reliability will result in decreased operating costs in the Snail Shell South Pressure Zone, which includes the Rockvale and Eagleville communities. Replacement of an existing, undersized water main with a new, larger water main will support further growth in this area and beyond. Estimated construction cost: 2,614,680

Highway 96 Line Addition (Veterans Parkway to Coleman Hill) – Removal of an obsolete water main with a new and larger water main will better serve customers in the Highway 96 West corridor from Veterans Parkway to Coleman Hill. Estimated construction cost: 3,847,000

Connection of Central Valley to Jefferson Pike – By installing a new water main to connect Central Valley Road with West Jefferson Pike, CUD will increase water supply capacity and reliability in the West Jefferson Pike corridor and beyond. Estimated construction cost: $1,479,600

Eagleville Water Storage Tank – The community’s new water storage tank is six times larger than the one it replaces, which was undersized for the town’s growth. The new tank will provide superior fire flow due to its larger capacity and proximity to larger water mains. Estimated construction cost: $2,000,000

Water Treatment Plant Expansion – The K. Thomas Hutchinson Water Treatment Plant will double its capacity to 30 million gallons of water per day, which will supply continuing growth in Rutherford County. Estimated construction cost: $17,635,000

Manchester Highway: Epps Mill Water Line Replacement – In the Manchester Highway South and Epps Mill Road corridors – from Hughes Road to Auldridge Drive – installation of a new water line broadens the water supply capacity and reliability to support further growth in this area. Estimated construction cost: $5,796,360 This company called YVR Contracting can help you make a complete renovation project.

Rocky Fork and Almaville: Line Replacements – Customers in areas from Morton Lane to Rocky Fork and from Rocky Fork Almaville Road to Cardinal Place will benefit from greater water supply capacity and reliability, thanks to a new, larger water main to better serve their needs. Estimated construction cost: $2,826,360

Baker Road Tank Access Road and Fence Improvements – Infrastructure upgrades will improve the security and accessibility to and from the Baker Road tank site. Estimated construction cost: $303,480

The overall total estimated cost of these projects is $38,434,480, and construction on all projects is expected to be complete in 2020 or before.