CUD strives to maintain safe drinking water standards

The Flint, Michigan water crisis has been subject matter for many headlines across newspaper, television and online publications for the past couple of weeks. The levels of lead in the town’s drinking water is a major concern locally and on the national level as well.

With this topic in mind, it may have many wondering how safe is their drinking water locally?

Consolidated Utility District has and will continue to meet all regulations from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation for safe drinking water.

At CUD, Rutherford County water meets all of the EPA’s health standards.  This is made possible by our team of diligent and dedicated employees of the K. Thomas Hutchinson Water Treatment Plant, and in turn our water meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements for drinking water.

The state and EPA require CUD to test and report on Rutherford County water on a regular basis to ensure its safety. In the same regard, results of unregulated contaminant analysis are available upon request.

In addition, CUD’s annual water quality reports are posted and can be viewed here. Education about Rutherford County water and how it arrives in your home is beneficial to all customers.

If you have questions about water quality, contact CUD and we’ll be glad to answer any concerns about safe drinking water.