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Five basic steps to help prevent frozen pipes

Winter is upon Middle Tennessee and with it arrives colder temperatures. With below freezing temperatures recently, freezing pipes can always be a concern for homeowners.

As water freezes, it expands and causes pressure on pipes and they can bust as an end result. Damage can occur not only in the pipes, but other areas of the home too. In turn, this can be expensive to repair for homeowners so taking any type of precaution regarding frozen water pipes is always a good step.

Below are a few steps to help prevent frozen pipes:

These are a few first steps to take for winter pipe protection. The ultimate solution is to add insulation to your attic and basement/crawl spaces.  Be sure to seal cracks and openings around windows, doors, and sill plates where the house rests on its foundation.  This not only helps prevent your pipes from freezing, but will also save on your utility bill.

If you have questions, then feel free to contact Consolidated Utility District of Rutherford County for any other matters regarding winter pipe protection.