Global, local practices will impact future of water

At CUD, we strive to provide the safest drinking water in Rutherford County. At the same time, we also look toward the future and take note of best practices and the future of the water industry around the world.

 In a recent article from The Guardian, issues are identified and water solutions are explored among a few different areas of the world. The places within the article are practicing innovative ways to manage, protect and conserve water supplies.

 One featured example is Cape Town, South Africa. The article cites that over the past 15 years, Cape Town has managed to reduce water use by 30%, despite a population increase of 30% over the same time span. Their strategy was a two-fold approach comprised of persuading people to use less water while implementing the latest technology to use water in the most efficient manner.

 Some of their tactics included adjusting the water pressure, replacing old pipes, improving leak detection, and improving the management of water meters.

 In addition to Cape Town, areas such as Lima, Peru took great strides as well in a desert climate while places like Sorocaba, Brazil took initiative in cleaning up polluted rivers.

 With many areas of the globe enacting efforts to protect our finest natural resource, it is a good sign for the future. In Rutherford County, CUD will keep pushing forward with resources and technology to protect and conserve water.