How does Rutherford County water arrive in the home?

The question of how water arrives in your home is one that can be answered in many ways.

In most cases, it starts with nature and rainfall. But at the end of the day, it revolves around several steps, intricate piping, pump systems and dedication from many people to serve clean drinking water to Rutherford County.

The main source of Rutherford County water for many residents and those who consume Murfreesboro water are rivers and lakes. Rutherford County water water sources for Consolidated Utility District customers include the East Fork of the Stones River and J. Percy Priest Lake.

In most cases, dams are built across lakes and rivers to hold water for a later time. From here, water is pumped from dams through pipes to water treatment plants within Rutherford County. At the water treatment plants, there is a team of professionals who treat and test the water 24 hours a day to make sure it meets the proper standards. Standards for drinking water are set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conversation.

It is then pumped to homes across the county, workplaces and many other facilities in pipes called water mains. From neighborhood to neighborhood, the process is similar each day and water arrives on time in a seamless fashion.