Make water a priority during summer months

Summer is near in Rutherford County and many are seeking the outdoors for various reasons. Whether it be a trip to the lake or an outdoor cookout, many are enjoying their long days and weekends, and enjoying water of course.

With several months to go during the warmer season, Rutherford County residents will continue to use water in various ways.

This past spring, rainfall amounts have been below average as Murfreesboro has only received 7.26 inches of rainfall from March through May, according to the TVA. During this span, April was the lowest month with rainfall amounts accumulating a little over an inch. As many know, rainfall is a great source of water for this region so the accumulation is important for many processes.

So what does that mean for Rutherford County water and the months ahead?

There will be hit and miss rain showers, but as good stewards of water, people need to strive to take care of our natural resource as always. They should always be thinking of its function and how they can better prepare for its use.

Some may ask why do we need water or why is it so important? Our bodies need water. Our food needs water. It’s part of our daily routine and many do not understand its impact. Through each day, keep the following questions in mind and take action on how you can answer them in your daily cycle.

  • How can I reduce water during the morning hours and after work?
  • Are there appliances that I can replace to conserve water over time?
  • Can I take steps in outdoor gardening to reduce water usage?
  • Are there other ways to conserve water outdoors?
  • Can I change the way I consume water?
  • How much water do I waste brushing my teeth or doing other activities?