Many have stake in water availability

Last week, World Water Day was celebrated around the globe. In a recent article from The World Bank, water is examined in reference to the way it transforms the daily lives of everyone.

 The majority of Earth is covered by water, 70% to be exact. But at the same time, only a small portion is accessible as freshwater that is needed to drink, grow food and use for jobs. With this in mind, water has to go through many channels to arrive in your home, workplace or your water bottle.

 Rutherford County understands growth as it has been a vibrant spot in Middle Tennessee over the past few years. While Rutherford County and CUD have steady and consistent practices in place for water, there are many areas that do not have the same standards and technology for water.

 As cities grow and population increases in many major cites across the globe, then a new unforeseen pressure on water will occur. According to the World Economic Forum, water crises are among the top risks for global economic growth.

 This year, World Water Day focused on the connection between water and jobs, which primarily fell under the categories of productivity and sustainability. The notion is that if people have better access to safer water, then it will provide many opportunities for advancement. Water is used everywhere for daily business and the amount of jobs that rely on water each day are countless.

 So as a result, everyone has a stake in water management and sustainability. And everyone must play their part for the future of water.