Public Notice: RFP for Software Application

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Consolidated Utility District (CUD) of Rutherford County will accept proposals for District Metered Area (DMA) Monitoring & Central Event Management Software Application services from qualified vendors. The deadline for proposals is Monday, August 5, 2019. CUD expects to make a vendor selection by Tuesday, August 27, 2019.

CUD provides water and wastewater service to residents of Rutherford County, Tennessee. This Request for Proposal (RFP) is limited specifically to the water distribution system at this time. The CUDRC water system serves approximately 58,000 customers and currently contains the following assets:

  • The K. Thomas Hutchinson Water Treatment Plant
  • 20 pumping stations
  • 12 water storage tanks
  • 1,400 miles of pipe

Goals of New Software Application

CUD’s goals for a Central Event Management software solution will support nonrevenue water reduction and detection and management of network events by converting CUD’s existing raw data into an actionable dashboard solution.

Direct benefits of this solution will include:

  • Identification of leaks and bursts
  • Prioritization of areas with higher than normal water loss
  • Faster identification of and response to detectable events in the system
  • Establishment of KPIs (minimum night flow, ILI, operational efficiency, estimated water loss, operational reaction time)

Secondary benefits may include:

  • Improved information for asset management and maintenance management decision-making
  • Reductions in water loss, energy consumption, and customer complaints
  • Automated monitoring of network meters and development of alerts related to changes in conditions

Training and Integration of Software

CUD should be trained by the vendor to be able to use the software independently within not more than 1 week from launch date. CUD is in the process of creating District Metered Areas (DMAs) as a mechanism to divide the entire distribution system into discrete areas that can be monitored to determine normal flow ranges and minimum nighttime flows, unusual changes in demand, and better estimation of NRW within each DMA.

There are multiple user groups within CUDRC that may use the selected application to complement or improve upon overall water system operation, and the users are in various geographical locations.

The proposed solution may integrate with an IT system chosen by CUD in the future for asset management, customer relations management, AMI (smart metering), acoustic leak detection and more.

The proposed software application should consider various databases and information components so the data can be efficiently used for planning and maintenance of CUD’s water system. CUD currently uses several software packages associated with the distribution system, which need to be considered regarding the new software options to determine compatibility. In some cases, new software may be a replacement, complementary to, or in addition to existing software packages.

The current thinking is that the selected central event management software application will, at a minimum, leverage data derived from multiple sources. The selected software application must be able to perform system-wide and areal demand calculation/tracking and event detection and management.

Proposal Requirements

Interested vendors must take the following steps:

  • Access the RFP PDF file at Central Event Management RFP Revised 7.10.19 and email your proposal to
  • Submit a complete and detailed proposal that includes a cover letter, executive summary (highlighting the key components of the proposal in one to three pages), recognition of functional requirements, the proposer’s experience, references, contact information, and taxpayer identification.