Rutherford County water conservation tips for the fall

The past week has signaled change in Rutherford County as cool temperatures have been traded at night and fall has arrived.

With that in mind, the manner in which you use water can change as well. When it comes serving Murfreesboro water and Rutherford County water needs, CUD is a the forefront and we always encourage water conservation. Below are a few tips to save on water and the monthly bill for the fall.

Regarding outdoor water usage, watering plants typically changes drastically. Lawns do not require water and plants do not require as much as well. Overwatering plants and flowers can be dangerous to their health and watering at night can cause problems too.

On the same note, you should pay attention to water hoses. If you have been using soaker hoses during summer and warmer months, then it may be time to put them away until spring.

Many look to the fall for maintenance projects around the home and this should be the same for items which use water. It is a good idea to check for any leaks as well. Is the faucet in the shower leaking? What about the kitchen sink? These are a few items to consider and questions to ask.

When it comes to appliances or other items that use water, pay attention to how they operate.

For example, when washing dishes, make sure you have a full load of dishes. If you wash dishes by hand, use one side of the sink for rinse water and one for wash water. Running water when washing dishes can lead to gallons of water used in a short period of time.

Other items him the home such as the toilet should also be examined as well. In most cases, updating to a more efficient model can save gallons of water in the long run.

These are a few tips to help save money on the water bill this fall, but check you bill and water usage each month to see how you can compare water usage month to month.