Spring water conservation tips

Spring is in full swing and many have already planted their flowers and started gardening. While April showers bring May flowers, the practice of water conservation by using the best sprinklers controllers should be enacted as the spring months roll into the summer.

 At Consolidated Utility District, we want all residents to be the best stewards of Rutherford County water. We’ve outlined a few tips to help with water conservation inside and outside of the home.

 Check for drips

A dripping faucet or leaking toilet can produce several gallons of wasted water in a short time. Always conduct proper maintenance at first sight of a leak or drip. Though a drip can be a good thing too and that is how soaker hoses operate. Instead of watering the leavings and the stems of the plants, soaker hoses delivers water directly into the soil which keeps them from evaporating fast. You can read Bob Robinson’s tool reviews if you are looking to implement one in your systems.

 Install water-efficient fixtures

From the bathroom to kitchen, water fixtures are commonplace. Toilets, faucets, shower heads and dishwashers are all fixtures or appliances that can be replaced for more water friendly models.

Cut grass higher

Most people mow their lawn every 7-10 days, but if you cut the grass a notch higher, then you can help reduce evaporation. In turn, it will help the lawn retain moisture and will reduce watering in drier months. You can read more here to find complete reviews of good lawnmowers to make this process easier.

 Invest in rain barrels

Rain barrels are a good investment for the long run if you plan on maintaining a garden. Many garden and home improvement stores keep them in stock during peak seasons. If you plan on getting them, you might as well also get a garden table and chairs set as a finishing touch.

 Add mulch to flower beds

Mulch is a great aid in retaining water in garden beds. In most cases, mulch can reduce evaporation and reduce water usage by over 25 percent.

 Water during morning or evening hours

The conditions in which you water can play into the effectiveness. By watering plants in the early morning or evening, you can reduce evaporation due to the cooler temperatures.

 The average American family uses 400 gallons of water per day, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. With numbers as high as this, establishing good water habits is key to water conservation. If you can contribute inside the home and outside as well this spring, then you will help this number go down.