Water conservation tips for winter

Many think of the spring and summer time as the only seasons to conserve water. Sure, you use a significant amount during this span due to planting, gardening and other seasonal activities, but you should also keep the same state of mind during the colder months as well.

In Rutherford County, we’ve already experienced a snowstorm this winter and temperatures will remain cool for a few more weeks before they start the turnaround process and transition into spring.

 Let your faucet drips

When temperatures dip below freezing during the night time hours, letting your faucet drip overnight can help with prevent pipes freezing and bursting. The drip should be a minimal one as it will cost more and waste more water to fix a broken pipe.

Protect pipes by winterizing

In the winer months, make sure your outdoor hoses are detached from faucets, and it is also good practice to wrap pipes that lead to outdoor spigots as well. This will help decrease the risk of freezing and bursting.

 Understand the location of water valves

You may know where your fuse box is located in your home, but do you know where the water valve is located? Many are located near the water heater or around the kitchen sink. This will cut off water to the entire house and it is necessary to know the location during a water emergency.

These are a few tips to help get you started. Although the ways in which you use water are different in the winter, the end result of being a good steward with water is essential.

If you have questions regarding Rutherford County water services, feel free to contact CUD and we’ll be glad to assist any matter.