Online Bill Pay FAQ

Why did you change the system from the one we were used to?

Data security. By law, we’re mandated to provide a certain level of security that applies across all electronic communications, which also includes telephones. So we partnered with a third-party company that offers this service.

Why am I being charged a fee for this? 

This is the cost of our contract with a third-party data security company. Because we run a lean utility, we don’t have a large department assigned to data management. So the $1.75 fee you’re charged goes to the company we partner with — CUD does not keep the money.

Why won’t you take my payments instead of transferring my call?

The new pay-by-phone system guarantees your data security in a way that regular calls to           customer service cannot. To protect your financial information, we transfer your payment call to our third-party provider so that your personal data will stay safe.

When I call in, the new automated phone system won’t let me pay using my old username and password. How do I handle this? 

Because the system is new, it doesn’t know you yet. So you’ll need to create your account as if you were a new user. If you choose, you can still enter the same username and password you used before. One bit of advice, though. If you used your email address to login under the old system, we encourage you to use something easier. Consider using your first initial and last name (example: JSmith).

The automated phone system asks me to enter my account number and occupant code. I did that, but it still didn’t let me through. Can you tell me what’s wrong? 

Here’s an example of what the system is looking for. Imagine your account number is 12345, and your occupant code is 90. You would enter that as one full series of numbers (1234590), then you press the # key. That will give you access to your account. 

Do you have any other numbers I can call to make my payment by phone? 

The main number is 844-329-9452. You can also call our Customer Service department at 615-893-7225, but please understand that there may be a wait time involved due to high call volume.