Ratepayers throughout Rutherford County will receive our 2019-2020 Annual Report

Development of CUD’s first-ever annual report was the result of several factors. Our K. Thomas Hutchinson Water Treatment Plant completed an expansion that would nearly double its capacity – from 16 million gallons of water per day to 30 million gallons per day. The Information Technology Department wanted to educate ratepayers about the strength of the utility’s online defenses for protecting data. Management and Board members saw a value in publicizing the Capital Improvement Plan – CUD’s annual strategy for infrastructure maintenance and upgrades.

Plus, we simply wanted to surprise our ratepayers.

“Very often, companies of a certain size have to file annual reports with the state government,” said Bill Dunnill, CUD General Manager. “For us, it’s a desire to be proactive and show transparency and accountability. We also have a good story to tell, and we’re eager to share it with our residential and commercial customers.”

In contrast to traditional corporate annual reports that often span many pages and carry full-color photography, an effort was made by CUD to keep production costs to minimum. That decision meant opting for a two-color print job as a double-sided, 11-inch-by-17-inch document. After completing a bidding process, CUD selected a local company, Wax Printing, to manage production. The front page and back page are available for view.

The final product took the form of a contemporary infographic with compartments that speak to CUD’s actions throughout the year and the achievements of its departments including:

“The annual report is more than a feel-good story,” said Dunnill. “That’s why we added the departmental sections and concentrated on the numbers and facts. We really want ratepayers to know the breath and depth of our work. Providing clean, reliable water is our mission, and yet there’s so much more to the overall picture. From the treatment plant to customer service, our goal is to get everything right every day.”