General Manager


General Manager

The Board of Commissioners of Consolidated Utility District of Rutherford County is pleased to announce that William “Bill” Dunnill has been unanimously selected by the Board as the new General Manager, succeeding Larry K. McElroy who announced his retirement effective June 15, 2012.  Upon announcing Mr. Dunnill’s appointment, Board Chairman John L. Batey, Jr., stated “we are delighted to announce Bill’s appointment and are excited to work with him as he manages the future growth and service of our system in providing water to the citizens of Rutherford County.  Bill has proven himself over the last several years as our Assistant General Manager and we have the upmost confidence that he will continue to provide capable and competent leadership for our staff as they serve thousands of our customers who depend upon Consolidated for their water needs.”

Bill joined CUD in March 2004, as Assistant General Manager, received his civil engineering degree from Bradley University, and is a registered professional engineer licensed in the State of Tennessee.

Bill served as an engineer and corporate officer for an independent oil producer in southern Illinois for sixteen years prior to moving to Tennessee. During that time, he was active in public service organizations, charitable fund raising events, and local politics. He concurrently held the office of Mayor at the City of Carlyle, Illinois from 1989 to 1995 where he developed the interest in the public sector and utility operations.

In 1995, Bill moved into the public sector full-time when he accepted employment with the City of Lenoir City, TN, where he initially served as City Administrator and later as General Manager of Lenoir City Utilities Board.

Bill is an active member the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts and of the American Water Works Association where he serves on the metering committee. He is a member of New Vision Baptist Church and Gideon’s International. Bill and and his late wife Tamara have a combined family of four children, and five grandchildren.