Leak Adjustments

You may request a billing adjustment if you have a water leak on your account. To qualify for an adjustment, your water usage must be at least twice the normal monthly average. CUD policy allows us to assist a customer once a year with an adjustment.

To qualify, you must first complete a CUD leak adjustment form and provide proof of repair (in the form of receipts and/or photos) within 90 days of the repair to qualify for a Leak Adjustment. CUD’s Leak Adjustment Policy is found at the bottom of the electronic Leak Adjustment Form. Once CUD has studied your request, you will receive a letter from our Leak Adjustment Department notifying you whether your account qualifies for a Leak Adjustment. This process takes approximately two to three billing cycles.

Please note: Builders, developers, apartments, commercial, industrial, and master metered accounts do not qualify for leak adjustments on water service.

If your accounts qualifies, an adjustment will be made after any needed repair(s) and your bill has returned to normal usage. You will be notified via mail as to the adjustment that was made on your account.

How to Check for a Leak

CUD only provides services from the water meter to the road. Any issues from the meter to the private service line and inside the house are the customer’s responsibility. Here’s why: Once water passes through the meter on customer’s side, CUD has no way of knowing whether usage is from regular consumption (laundry, filling a pool, watering/irrigation, dishwasher, etc.) or a leak.

Here are some ways to check for water leaks in and around your home: