Customer Forms

Agreement to landscape: water line easement– For a landowner who requests permission to place landscaping in a dedicated easement area

Agreement for sign installation– For placement of a sign within an easement area of CUD. CUD may limit the size, height, and placement of the sign as a condition of giving permission.

Bank draft authorization– Submit this form for CUD to regularly draft your checking account for payment of water usage.

Event request– If you wish to host a guest speaker from CUD for a presentation, please submit this form.

Fire hydrant application– CUD does not install fire hydrants except as part of construction. Individuals or a group of individuals may request to have a hydrant installed at a specific location.

Irrigation/Pool Adjustment Form (for CUD STEP Sewer only) – Any customer, residential or commercial, may be eligible for one (1) rate adjustment per year. The adjustment will only be made on the sewer portion of the bill.

Landlord rollover cancellation– A landlord must cancel the agreement when a property has been sold to avoid any future billing to the account.

Landlord rollover program– To be filed when properties need to be added to this program

Leak adjustment form– Any customer is eligible for a water leak adjustment if his/her water usage is twice the normal monthly average, the house and/or service line is over one (1) year old, and the customer has not had an adjustment in the past 12 months.

Neighbor-4-Neighbor– For families in our county who are facing financial difficulties, Neighbor-4-Neighbor can provide temporary assistance in paying their residential water bill.

Pool Adjustment Form (Smyrna Sewer only) – Customers are eligible for one (1) pool adjustment per year. The rate adjustment will only be made on the sewer portion of the bill.

Private fire system maintenance agreement– For a landowner who intends to construct a private water distribution system for fire protection

Public records policy and request– The Tennessee Public Records Act grants citizens the right to access open public records that exist at the time of the request.

Sewer Adjustment Form (Murfreesboro Water only) – Any customer, residential or commercial, is eligible for one (1) pool adjustment per year.