CUSTOMER ALERT: If you have received a call from a group offering a water quality test, please understand this is not CUD. We don’t reach out to our customers using these methods, and we are not connected with this group.



Engineering FAQ

Can I get a tap fee or estimated tap fee for my upcoming commercial/multi-family/industrial project?

Please fill out a Meter Application Form for your project or development.  Instructions for application submittal are located at the top of the form.

I’m interested in having a fire hydrant installed near/on my property. How much does it cost, and how can I get one installed?

Please fill out a  Fire Hydrant Application Form.  All costs are located at the bottom of the form.  Instructions for submittal are located at the top of the form.

How can I get a recent fire flow test done for my project?

Please contact Mark Lee in the water quality department to schedule your fire hydrant flow test.  Please be ready to provide the project name and location address.