Customer Service FAQ

How do I apply for Water Service?

Customers may apply for service in person at our office or online. An agreement for service form will need to be signed by the customer. A onetime non refundable administrative fee will be included on the first water bill.

Required Information

  1. Billing Name
  2. Property Address – if new, Lot Number and Subdivision
  3. Billing Address if different from property
  4. Daytime and Nighttime Phone Number
  5. Two types of identification with one being a photo ID (example: driver’s license and social security card.)
  6. Social Security number
  7. Date service is to be connected
  8. Names and social security number of spouse and/or additional adult occupants living in the household.
  9. If rental – copy of lease listing landlord information and the name(s) of all leasees along with their social security number.
What if I forget to pay?

To maintain a good credit rating, you should pay your bill the before disconnection date noted on bottom of bill. We give you every opportunity to settle your account.  If an account remains unpaid 10 days after the due date, Consolidated Utility’s policy states that it will be scheduled for disconnection.  CUD has an automated system that will attempt to call you 7 days prior to disconnect with a reminder. If you have a serious problem paying your bill, please call us.

Returned Checks?

A fee is charged for all returned checks. You will be notified via mail. Cash or money order will be required to pay for returned check.

Payment Arrangements?

Payment arrangements before the disconnection date can be made in person at CUD’s office or by submitting Extension Agreement

Delinquency Fees?

The due date printed on each bill is the date in which current charges are due. Any unpaid amount outstanding the day after the due date will be assessed a 10% delinquency fee.  Failure to recieve a bill does not relieve your obligation to pay by the due date.


Your water will be disconnected if you fail to pay your bill. If you want your water disconnected for any other reason, please contact CUD either by phone or in person during normal business hours.

Reinstatement (after disconnection)?

Once service has been disconnected due to non-payment, the full balance (plus any service charges) must be paid before service can be reinstated.

What does the “minus” sign mean on my bill?

A minus sign indicates you have a credit balance and you do not need to make a payment.

Why do you need my current phone number?

If your account is past due, CUD has an automated calling system to place a courtesy reminder that your water service is scheduled for disconnection. CUD also notifies customers in case of leaks or emergencies.

Why are there so many different charges on my water bill?

As a service to our customers (those that have sewer charges), we include the sewer and drainage charges of Murfreesboro Water and Sewer and Smyrna Utilities on our bills. By combining the bills, the three companies are able to reduce billing, postage and handling costs.

Can I receive an electronic bill?
Yes, you can log into eCare and sign up for eBill there.
What does it mean if I get a 24 hour usage call?

It means that your meter has been running for 24 continuous hours prior to us reading the meter.  You could possibly have a water leak if you are not intentionally running water.

My house is on a STEP system. What do I need to know about maintenance?

CUD offers a flyer that covers ideas about maintenance, how to avoid system failures, how cleaning products can impact the system, and more.