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About Us

Safe drinking water has always been a concern to people all over the world and the residents of Rutherford County have been no different. As the county grew and began to move from an agrarian society to a more industrial and commercial society, electricity and other services became a part of Rutherford County. The desire to have safe drinking water was the next priority held by local leaders.

Four utility districts were created in Rutherford County, Stones River, Florence, Double Springs and Rockvale. With all the legal requirements being met and agreements for a water source in place, the utility districts began operations in the early 1960s with only a few hundred customers. Rockvale bought water from Eagleville, Double Springs and Stones River bought water from Murfreesboro, and Florence bought water from Murfreesboro and Smyrna. On October 1st, 1968, action was taken to merge the Double Springs and the Stones River Utility Districts into Consolidated Utility District of Rutherford County. Soon afterwards Florence and Rockvale merged with Consolidated Utility District, and the Eagleville Water Department became a part of CUD in the mid 1990s.

By 1970 events had taken place in Rutherford County that would change the future of the county forever. Interstate 24 had been completed and J Percy Priest Lake had been impounded. J Percy Priest Lake was built for hydro electrical production and recreation. It was not planned to become a source of water for Rutherford and Wilson Counties. By this time new industries were moving into Murfreesboro providing more jobs to the residents of Rutherford and surrounding counties. In 1983 Nissan built its plant in Smyrna giving more reasons for the county to grow placing more demands on water systems.

In 1978 the Board of Commissioners of Consolidated Utility District authorized the consulting engineering firm of HLS Incorporated to proceed with developing plans for the construction of a water treatment plant. The source would be J Percy Priest Lake. Grants and loans were obtained from Farmers Home Administration and in 1981, the K. Thomas Hutchinson Water Treatment Plant went into production with the capacity to produce four million gallons per day. Their have been several plant expansions over the years. The latest plant expansion, new intake and water lines from the plant can, with the addition of pumps, have the ultimate capacity of thirty million gallons per day.

During all the construction and growth of the system, there has been one constant. Our present consulting engineer, James C. Hailey (Jimmy) owner of James C. Hailey, Inc., worked his way through college inspecting some of the first water lines installed by Florence Utility District. He later worked for other engineering firms but continued to work for Consolidated Utility District. He has been as much a part of Consolidated Utility District as any board member or employee.

Our Board of Commissioners consists of five members, all of whom are our customers. Our Board Members are Mr. John L. Batey Jr., President; Dr. Rosemary Owens, Vice President; Mr. Craig Lynch, Secretary; Mr. Carter Woodruff, and Ms. Lynnisse Roehrich-Patrick.  Mr. Hassel Smith, III, Mr. Chip Pinion, and Mr. Allen Swader serve as advisory members. The current attorneys are Mr. Jeff Reed and Mr. Roger Hudson. This Board has provided funding so the goals of the originating commissioners can be accomplished. The current Board has been aggressive in their actions as evidenced by the new administration building and the implementation of an automated meter reading system. To this Board and employees of Consolidated Utility District, Rutherford County owes a great deal of thanks for their service.

It is our mission and goal to provide safe drinking water to all within the bounds of Consolidated Utility District at the most reasonable cost for our customers.