Our finance department manages all elements of the cash cycle including but not limited to: billing/cash receipts, accounts payable, and inventory. The finance department invests company funds while maintaining liquidity and acquires capital financing when needed for construction projects.

CUD’s accounting records are maintained on an accrual basis for each fiscal year ending June 30th. A notice is published each year before September 31st, providing financial information for the previous fiscal year.

Mike Craig
Comptroller | Director of Business Services
(615) 225-3304

Finance | Purchasing/Facility Management

Kristy Koostra
Finance Manager
(615) 867-7307

Jamie League
Purchasing & Facility Coordinator
(615) 225-3303

Purchasing approves all purchases using guidelines from state statutes and Board policy. These policies generally require competitive bids for all purchases in excess of $10,000. Whenever possible, bids are solicited from vendors in the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts (TAUD) vendor list. Anyone interested in joining this list should contact TAUD at (615) 896-9022 or go to

Facility Management maintains all physical facilities operated by CUD and oversees contracts for custodial, maintenance, fire safety, lawn care/landscaping, and insect control services.