CUD engineers also communicate with county and city planning and engineering departments and monitor our distribution system to identify leaks and potential problems. Engineering at CUD consists of the Departments found below.

Alan Stuemke, P.E.
Director of Engineering

Contact the Engineering Department:
615-893-7225 Ext. 1147

Our Project Department supervises development from planning through construction by working hand-in-hand with developers and contractors to meet all local and federal guidelines. This involves coordination in the plan review process and approval of submitted plans, billing of construction-related fees, processing of public line extension projects for TDEC approval, inspection of public water line projects, acquisition of easements for public line extension projects, and management of TDOT right-of-way permits for road crossings.

Water Quality
Through coordination of engineering services during construction, our Water Quality Department ensures that all facilities are inspected and meet TDEC regulations for the integrity and protection of the water distribution system. TDEC requires cross-connection control, backflow prevention testing, and flushing to meet water quality standards.

CUD’s Inspection Department protects our public water system and acts to guarantee that all improvements meet CUD standards and applicable laws. Our inspectors work with contractors to ensure water and sewer projects comply with local and federal regulations. They also manage testing of new infrastructure and provide coordination between contractors and property owners to ensure infrastructure is installed correctly as easements were acquired.

Easement Acquisition
Easement procurement is a vital step toward installing new water service or moving an existing waterline. Without approval from private owners or the courts, a new waterline project simply cannot go forward. Our CUD Easement Coordinators are always willing to make themselves available to existing and future CUD customers.