Meter Reading
CUD uses an automated meter reading (AMR) system for improved customer service, billing accuracy, and identification of water leaks. The AMR system minimizes the need to access customer property and reduces fuel consumption in our vehicles. AMR also provides alerts if your meter has shown 24-hour continuous usage, tampering, reverse flow, no usage, and damaged or cut wires.

Leak Detection
Our Leak Detection specialists are well trained and manage an ongoing leak detection survey on our distribution system. This helps us to reduce water loss due to increasing costs of production and prevents a reduction in the water supply. CUD only performs leak detection services on distribution mains and service lines that belong to CUD.

CUD provides sewer services to many of its outlying customers through an innovative system known as decentralized wastewater treatment and disposal. The system allows for high density development (subdivisions) in areas of the county where City sewer is not available or soil types don’t allow for conventional septic tank and drain field lines.

Our Maintenance Department ensures the continuous operation of our water distribution and delivery system that spans more than 1,400 miles within Rutherford County. Their work includes installation of new water lines and taps, repair of water line leaks and breaks, repair or replacement of broken meters and equipment, and maintenance and flushing of fire hydrants.

Bryant Bradley
Director of Operations