Development Fee Structure for Review, Design, and Inspection

The following applies to all Developers and Engineers working within CUD’s service area …

Consolidated Utility District (CUD) will implement a new development fee structure as of July 1, 2021. This fee structure will better enable CUD to cover the costs incurred during the review, design, and inspection phases of new developments, such as residential subdivisions and commercial sites. The existing and new fees are shown in the tables below. These fees will apply to all developments that do NOT have a signed developer agreement in effect as of July 1, 2021. As a reminder, developer agreements are NOT signed until the review process is complete. Simply submitting plans for a development prior to July 1, 2021 does NOT mean the new fee structure will not apply.

All the applicable fees will continue to be included on one (1) invoice as they are currently. However, the number of items and total amount of the invoice will increase to reflect the new fee structure. In case you are not familiar with this process, invoices are issued once the water plans (i.e., design) are complete and must be paid before a pre-construction meeting is scheduled.

Some of the new fees are flat (i.e., not based on the number of lots) while others are indeed based on the number of lots. Furthermore, some fees are per submittal, and others cover the initial set of four (4) submittals.

Please pay close attention to the asterisks and what they indicate. In the latter case, the fifth and all subsequent submittals will include a fee that is 50 percent (50%) of the fee listed in the table. Therefore, the fewer the number of submittals it takes to achieve approval, the lower the fees.

If you have questions about the new fee structure or its implementation, you may contact one of these CUD professionals:

Director of Engineering Alan Stuemke: (615) 225-3311 or
Senior Project Engineer Jason Laxson: (615) 867-7327 or
Project Coordinator Will Steele: (615) 225-3313 or

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