Water Treatment

The K. Thomas Hutchinson Water Treatment Plant for Consolidated Utility District began production in 1983 as a 4 million gallon a day (MGD) plant. In 2020, the plant expanded with a capacity of up to 32 million gallons per day.

New technology has been put in place to ensure CUD can exceed the quantity and quality demands of its customers. No area of the production process was left untouched as we prepared for the future.

From our intake, located on the East Fork of the Stones River, to the pumps which carry the drinking water to our customers’ taps, the treatment plant has been upgraded and renewed to meet the uninterrupted needs of the residents of Rutherford County.

In addition, the Tennessee Division of Water Resources has granted Consolidated Utility District (CUD) a water quality NPDES permit allowing CUD to pump up to approximately 0.1 million gallons per day of water from the Lower Cumberland River Basin (Stones River Watershed) to the Duck River Watershed.

Chris Forte
Water Treatment Plant Superintendent
(615) 895-4296