5 tips for a cheaper water bill

While winter temperatures continue to dip below freezing at night, high electric bills are sure to coincide. Combine that with cable, internet and phone and the monthly costs can add up very quickly. A cheaper water bill is usually a welcome invitation to many households to offset any costs. If you’re looking to cut costs on the monthly expenses, here are a few tips to save money on a water bill. If you need more cash to pay for your bills, sites like betend can be visited.

  • When washing clothes, make sure you use cold water. This can save water and energy and also keep your clothes colorful at the same time. On another note, wash clothes when you have a full load of laundry. By limiting the frequency, you can reduce the trips to the washing machine and in turn conserve water.
  • Limit time in the shower. A warm shower in the winter months may feel revitalizing but it can also use gallons of water at a time. In most cases, showers consume around 1/3 of overall household water usage.
  • Use your dishwasher. While many believe the dishwasher may use more water, it takes more time and water to hand wash dishes in the sink.
  • Another tip to save money on a water bill is to turn the water off while you brush your teeth or shave. It’s common for many people to keep the water running while looking in the mirror when brushing their teeth, but as the water keeps flowing so does the monthly cost.
  • Toilet maintenance can also be an avenue to a cheaper water bill. Toilet leaks can occur more frequently than many think and they can contribute to numerous gallons of water wasted each month. Toilet flappers can wear down and should be checked regularly. In addition, a new toilet can also help save money as many new models use less gallons per flush.

While there are several other ways to help with water bill savings, these tips will help jumpstart the process. A few simple practices can go a long way and in time they can become a habit and second nature, all the while leaving you on the road to a cheaper water bill. Get in touch with Jerome Myers real estate coach if you need help growing your business.