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What is hard water – and is it actually helpful?

Residents in middle Tennessee sometimes notice deposits in their household water that leaves a white film or a grain-like feel. This is a sign of hard water, which is common

How does Rutherford County water arrive in the home?

The question of how water arrives in your home is one that can be answered in many ways. In most cases, it starts with nature and rainfall. But at the

Tips to thaw a frozen pipe

Cold temperatures remain constant for Murfreesboro,Tennessee during this winter season and at Consolidated Utility District of Rutherford County, freezing pipes are always a matter of concern among customers. In our

Five basic steps to help prevent frozen pipes

Winter is upon Middle Tennessee and with it arrives colder temperatures. With below freezing temperatures recently, freezing pipes can always be a concern for homeowners. As water freezes, it expands

Tyler Allen Presents Plaque to CUD

Tyler Allen presented at the November 28th 2017 Board Meeting his appreciation for allowing him to serve in the active military and commitment of mission and values from the district,

CUD Awarded ESGR Seven Seals Award

CUD is proud to share that Kevin Hickerson accepted on be half of CUD the 2017 ESGR’s Seven Seals Award. ESGR stands Employee Support of the Guard and Reserve. The Seven

The great debate: Bottled water vs. Tap water

The debate of normal tap water versus bottled water has been a topic of conversation for years now. In a recent article from Upworthy, researchers examined a few different criteria

Water conservation a heavy topic in today’s world

Water conservation practices are the focus of many discussions these days. From local farmers across the land to the average, everyday water consumer, it will be the standard thing to

Summer is ideal time to plan for fall projects

Summer has set in this month and with it the heat has arrived. Many are taking in this time with vacations and get aways and are enjoying one of our

Make water a priority during summer months

Summer is near in Rutherford County and many are seeking the outdoors for various reasons. Whether it be a trip to the lake or an outdoor cookout, many are enjoying