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Know the 3 key elements of your water bill

There are two times you’re most likely to carefully examine your water bill: When your usage spikes (“What did we do – water the whole neighborhood?”) and when your bill

What is hard water – and is it actually helpful?

Residents in middle Tennessee sometimes notice deposits in their household water that leaves a white film or a grain-like feel. This is a sign of hard water, which is common

Tips to thaw a frozen pipe

Cold temperatures remain constant for Murfreesboro,Tennessee during this winter season and at Consolidated Utility District of Rutherford County, freezing pipes are always a matter of concern among customers. In our

Five basic steps to help prevent frozen pipes

As water freezes, it expands and causes pressure on pipes and they can bust as an end result. Damage can occur not only in the pipes, but other areas of

Water conservation tips for winter

Many think of the spring and summer time as the only seasons to conserve water. Sure, you use a significant amount during this span due to planting, gardening and other

Rutherford County water conservation tips for the fall

The past week has signaled change in Rutherford County as cool temperatures have been traded at night and fall has arrived. With that in mind, the manner in which you

Pool water conservation key for summer months

Last week was the first official week of summer and with it brought rising temperatures in Rutherford County and Middle Tennessee. With high temperatures in the 90 degree range, it’s

Water management and conservation practices key for the future

Climate change and conservation are always words that grab the attention of many. Whether used in a news report or simple conversation, they do have relevance depending on the context

5 tips for a cheaper water bill

While winter temperatures continue to dip below freezing at night, high electric bills are sure to coincide. Combine that with cable, internet and phone and the monthly costs can add

Meter reading essential step in determining leak detection

  Meter reading may seem like a daunting task, but it is a simple procedure, especially when it comes to water efficiency in your household. In most cases, the water