Pool water conservation key for summer months

Last week was the first official week of summer and with it brought rising temperatures in Rutherford County and Middle Tennessee. With high temperatures in the 90 degree range, it’s the perfect time for many residents to seek the pool. With pool ownership, there is not only the responsibility for safety and maintenance, but also for pool water conservation as well. Pool water conservation is vital during the summer and we’ve outlined a few pool water tips to help with water usage and efficiency during the months ahead.

  • Use a swimming pool cover to help diminish evaporation and keep away debris. Landscaping is also another technique to help in pool water conservation as shrubs or fences can aid in wind evaporation. Why not consider adding a custom fire pit to your outdoor living space? A landscape firepit expert can make a beautifully designed fire pit that will transform any seating area with its warm, ambient glow that could change the look and feel of your outdoor space!
  • Only backwash and rinse when pool pump pressure is 8-10 pounds above normal. In most cases, this should only take place every three to four months.
  • Maintain clean water. This reduces the need to vacuum to waste, backwash, rinse or drain your pool which can all waste a significant amount of water. When refilling a pool, spring and fall months are usually the best times.
  • In the same manner, keep your pool clean even if you are not at home. Many pool owners may take off a few days during the summer so if you are on vacation, then have a neighbor maintain the pool so you do not return to a dirty pool that will require more attention and work in the long run.
  • Installing a fountain is another pool water conservation tip. By running the fountain at night, it will cool the water significantly and cool water evaporates less.

These are a few tips to help get you started as there are still many warm days ahead for enjoying the pool and the remainder of the summer months.