Tips to thaw a frozen pipe

Cold temperatures remain constant for Murfreesboro,Tennessee during this winter season and at Consolidated Utility District of Rutherford County, freezing pipes are always a matter of concern among customers.

In our previous article, five tips were given to assist in winter pipe protection. Within this article, we are examining a few tips to demonstrate how to thaw a frozen pipe.

The most common way to detect a frozen pipe is to turn on a faucet and see how the water is flowing. If you turn on the faucet and only a few drops of water flow, then it is a safe bet there is a frozen pipe. In most cases, pipes can freeze around the source where they enter a home.

The first step would be to locate the frozen section of the pipe. After this, keep the water faucet running as you treat the pipe because running water can help speed the process. It will also help you see the results after you start treating the frozen pipe.

An electric heating pad, small heater or hot water soaked towel can be used to help thaw the pipe, but steer away from any method that would involve an open flame as it could be more hazardous. In most scenarios, a hot water soaked towel or a hair dryer are the safest measures. After detecting and applying one of these methods, you should see some progress within the pipe.

Once you have thawed the frozen pipe, it is a good idea to check other pipes in the house to see if they may be frozen as well. If the matter seems more serious, then a credible plumber should be contacted.

While these are common steps to thaw a frozen pipe, prevention is always key and will go a long way. To view our article on winter pipe protection, click here.