Water Theft

Water Theft Policy

Consolidated Utility District does not tolerate water theft or the manipulation of water meters. We make every attempt to assure that all the water produced is metered and sold. If you suspect someone is using water that is not metered, please call CUD immediately. We will send someone to investigate and disconnect and secure the violation. CUD discourages anyone from obtaining water from the distribution system by any unauthorized means.

CUD’s policy for tampering or unauthorized use of the public water system is:

Illegal Connection

$1,000 1st Offense
$3,000 2nd Offense
Arrest Warrant 3rd Offense


Unmetered water use is any attempt to obtain water with the intent to avoid paying for the water used. These types of connections are not only illegal, but they could threaten the quality of water that is delivered to your home or business.

Unmetered / Illegal connection to a fire hydrant

The hoses are connected directly to the fire hydrant without a meter or a backflow device. A legal connection will have a meter and a backflow device between the hose and the fire hydrant.

Meter Bypass

An attempt to obtain water without paying for the use of the water.

Meter Tap Bypass

These connections are generally found in areas of new construction.

Damaging the Water Meter

This meter was intentionally damaged in an attempt to stop the meter from registering the water used.